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taggiasca olives with cumin                                                        3,50

roasted nuts with herbs                                                               5,-

hard boiled egg / with anchovy mayonnaise                           1,-/2,50

charcuterie with sweet mustard                                                 9,50 

rillette of wild goose with pickles                                              8,50

pastrami of wild goose with cornichons and mustard               8,50

selection of dutch cheeses with quince                                    11,-

puffed garlic with toast                                                            5,-

paté of pork with plum chutney                                               8,-

humus of green peas and horseradish with olivebread              8,50

sobrasada of pata negra                                                            7,-

canned sardines with pickled red onion (2017 or 2015)           8,50/10,50


hotdog of wild boar with kimchi, crispy onion and mustard      9,50

½ lobster with sage hollandaise                                               14,-

burnt leek, cream of leek and crispy leek                                           8,-

radish with bagna cauda                                                           6,-

sprat with potato salad and dill                                                8,50

bone marrow with breadcrums, parsley and lemon                   9,50

grilled chicory, pecan and orange                                             7,50


olive oil cake with blue sheep cheese from tuscany                          8,50


chocolate mousse with ginger cream                                       6,50