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hard boiled egg with anchovy mayonnaise 2,50 

salami 8,50

'noorderkaas' cheese with quince 10,50

puffed garlic with toast 6,50

smoked ossenworst with mustard 9,50

toast sobrasada 10,-

olives in red vermouth 6,50

canned sardines with pickled red onion 12,- 

fishcakes with sesame aioli and white cabbage 13,50

razor clams with white port and chives 11,- 

roasted carrots with px, miso and dill 12,-

moscardini with pimenton, raisins and pecorino 13,-

charred green peppers with almons and fennel 10,50

brioche, boudin noir, chicory and plum mostarda 14,50


olive oil cake with lazuli 8,50

chocolate mousse with ginger cream 6,50